Hazardous Waste Compliance

NWA has provided hazardous waste compliance assistance to many clients over the years. This has included compliance reviews, development of procedures, management plans, and training.

Representative hazardous waste compliance support has included the following:

  • Assistance in waste determinations 
  • Waste sampling and analysis plans
  • Container and tank inspection programs
  • Subpart J Tank Certifications in association with a professional engineer
  • Determinations of Service
  • Subpart BB/CC equipment monitoring and inspections
  • Technical support in response to inspection deficiencies
  • Used oil and universal waste compliance
  • Hazardous waste recycling compliance
  • Plans and corrective actions

Technical Litigation Support

NWA has worked with law firms to provide technical support for certain types of litigation or agency administrative actions. Legal advice can only be provided by an attorney and we are clear to inform clients that our compliance and regulatory service are not provided as legal advice.

The Principal of the firm has served as both an expert witness and expert consultant. This effort has included technical research, depositions, and court testimony. Expert consultant services have been provided in the preparation of exhibits to document the historic compliance status of facilities in environmental contamination insurance claims litigation at several sites. 

Other expert consultant services have been provided for administrative actions involving emergency planning and community right to know reporting, solid waste landfill and recycling facilities.

The Principal of the firm has also testified as an expert witness in landfill litigation as it relates to applicable regulatory requirements and practices at several sites.   

Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental site assessments (Phase I,II,III) have been completed for property transfers and acquisitions. NWA has completed a number of environmental site assessments for industrial parks, industrial properties and historic Brownfield Sites. Work has been performed for industrial manufacturing clients, law firms, and Tribal agencies. We typically will bring in some of our other technical partners when conducting site assessments that may involve subsurface sampling and site characterization. The Principal of the firm and our Senior Scientist meet the definition of an "environmental professional" under the ASTM Standards and federal regulations for environmental site assessments. 

Hazard, Risk, and security Assessments

Chemical spill and off-site impact assessments for planning have been performed by NWA to document general duty obligations and to meet corporate standards. NWA has also completed chemical security vulnerability assessment work as per Federal requirements. 


This effort typically includes an assessment of current chemical handling practices, controls, and best practices based upon industry standards and regulations.

In-Plant Services

In-plant services can be provided for clients that may require short-term temporary staffing for environmental, health and safety related services. NWA has provided this type of service to mining, aerospace, semiconductor and manufacturing clients.

Working on a client's site allows us to better understand client needs and allows us to provide a more effective service as an immediate resource.

Typical assignments are on an as needed basis and may range from several days a week for several weeks to many months as a contingent EHS onsite worker.  

Environmental Training

NWA has provided training services for clients either through onsite training, train the trainer, open enrollment classes through other providers, or onsite applied training venues.

Environmental training can be customized for site specific client needs. Our services have included training needs assessments, development of training packages for delivery by the client and training presentations.

Types of training have included:

  • Hazardous Waste Site Operations and Emergency Response  (HAZWOPER): 40 hour, 24 hour, First Responder Operations Level, First Responder Awareness Level, 8 Hour Refresher and 8 Hour Supervisor classes.
  • Hazardous Waste Worker
  • Universal Waste
  • SPCC and Storm Water Training
  • Sampling
  • Confined Space
  • DOT Awareness
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Worker Clean Up
  • EHS Manager Training
  • GHS Hazard Communication

management plans, Emergency Response and pollution prevention plans

NWA has developed a number of plans for various types of clients including emergency response and contingency plans, spill prevention control and counter measure plans, storm water pollution prevention plans, waste management plans, waste analysis plans, hazardous materials management plans, and pollution prevention plans.

The plans have been developed as stand-alone plans for a particular program or integrated. In addition, NWA has developed and implemented emergency response exercises to test response capabilities of emergency response teams. 

NWA's understanding of the training requirements and regulatory requirements associated with the plans provide value added service. We strive to tailor the plans to meet regulatory requirements, and also the level of response and training required to meet client needs.

Environmental Compliance Audits

NWA has completed many environmental compliance audits. These are completed directly through clients or through legal counsel. NWA has completed environmental program or media audits, comprehensive EHS audits, management system audits, and third party vendor audits.

Compliance audits have been completed for mining, aerospace, chemical, semiconductor, utilities, recycling, hazardous waste facilities, landfills, manufacturing and service clients.

Typical audit scope includes recommendations for continuous improvement and enhancement to the management system for sustaining compliance.

Follow up client requested activities may also include the development of management plans, operational procedures and training as necessary. 


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NWA has provided consulting services to clients including written health and safety plans, emergency action plans, confined space procedures,  job hazard assessments, safety manuals, lock out tag out procedures, safety surveys, health and safety training, respirator protection and hazard communication written programs.

Government Consulting Services

NWA has provided consulting services to State, Local and Tribal government agencies. This has included research projects, development of guidelines and procedures, sampling plans, health and safety plans, development of draft ordinances, draft program authorization packages, and environmental site assessments. We also prepared a management review for a local environmental agency to provide recommendations and opportunities for the enhancement of services. 

Environmental Permit Applications

Through our association with other small consulting firms, NWA is able to assemble a technical project team to provide environmental permit support for a variety of projects that may require registered engineers or geologists. NWA has established relationships and agreements to meet a wide variety of client needs for the submission of permit applications to regulatory agencies. The technical and regulatory team is mutually supportive and provides the client with a deliverable through in-house staff and our associates. If there is work that can be handled more effectively by any of our other associates, we will gladly provide the client with a referral.

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Environmental Compliance Services  

WasteWater Compliance

NWA has provided wastewater monitoring and compliance support for clients. The scope of work has typically included sample collection for meeting industrial wastewater permit conditions and also the development of required reports. We have also completed proportionate flow studies in accordance with EPA and local requirements. NWA staff have analytical research lab experience and are familiar with sampling protocols and the use of sampling equipment.